Your company is working hard to solve climate change.
Shouldn't your 401(k)'s too?

~20% of the US stock market is fueling climate change

From coal, to fracking, to petrochemicals, your ownership of these companies helps keep these dirty industries running.

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100’s of companies are building climate solutions

We replace the companies making climate change worse with the companies building climate solutions.

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~80% of the US stock market could decarbonize

Without changing their core businesses. We pressure these companies to switch to 100% clean energy, electric vehicles, and more.

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Climate-focused portfolios: Built for retirement.

Our green 401(k) portfolios are built to go head-to-head with standard retirement portfolios: 



Carbon Collective's 401(k) portfolios cover over 80% of the US stocks by market cap.



Even though we're green, our management fee is the same as generic online investment advisors. 


Competitive Performing

Our climate-focused strategy is built to replace traditional index-based portfolios.

Offer a range of portfolios to your team:

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Why do we include generic portfolios?

Average Fund Fees: Carbon Collective's fund fees range from 0.17% - 0.23%. Vanguard's ESG from 0.11% - 0.13%. Vanguard Target Retirement Date Mutual Funds are all 0.15%. 

Climate Solutions: The % of the portfolio is made of companies Carbon Collective has identified as climate solutions companies in the Climate Index. 

Fossil Fuels: The % of assets flagged as fossil fuel stocks by Vanguard ESG is 1.09% fossil fuel companies. 


All made easy with:
Simple pricing & automated contributions

We’ve partnered with the leading provider of 401(k)’s to startups: Ubiquity 401(k)

  • They've been working with startups and small businesses for 20+ years
  • They'll help you onboard, give live support, and handle all record keeping.
  • Features like: Employer matching, Roth 401(k)'s, and brokerage accounts.

What is Carbon Collective’s relationship with Ubiquity 401(k)?
Carbon Collective is an SEC registered investment advisor. We create and manage the three categories of investment portfolios you see above: climate-focused, ESG, and generic retirement date. Once you’re set up, you’ll be a client of Ubiquity as well as Carbon Collective. In general, you’ll direct questions about 401(k) set up and operation to Ubiquity and questions about portfolio design and management to Carbon Collective. But don’t worry, you can always send any question to us.


What people are saying about Carbon Collective



Grad Student

I've used robo-advisors like Betterment and Wealthfront for years but I always felt like I was putting money into a black box. Carbon Collective changes that dynamic - I know why and where my investments are making an impact while getting great returns.



Climate Scientist

The discovery of James, Zach, and the Carbon Collective team has allowed me total peace of mind knowing that my money is being invested in climate solutions by a thoughtful group of knowledgeable investors... This is exactly the kind of work we need now.

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Environmental Manager

Very different from the impersonal approach of other investment firms. The transfer itself didn't take much time.... The personal attention will spoil you and the ethical investment strategy will permit you to feel good about your investments.

401k's w/ Carbon Collective:
Common Questions

Company: What fees should I expect?

Management fee: Ubiquity 401(k) charges a monthly management fee to the company, depending on the size of your company. A company with 10 employees would pay $16.50/month per employee whereas one with 50 would pay $4.50/month per employee. The cost to the company per employee is considerably lower than Guideline or Betterment 401(k). 

Onboarding fee: Ubiquity will help you onboard and integrate into your payroll provider. For this they charge a one time fee of $495. If it's an existing plan, they add an additional $1,000 to handle the transition and paperwork. 

Company: Can't I save on fees with tax credits?

Yes! The SECURE Act, passed in 2019, helps incentivize small businesses to set up retirement savings plans. They provide tax credits that can offset much of the fees from plan setup and operation (those found in the question above) the during the first three years. 

If you fill out the "Learn More" form, we'll include these credits in your quote. 

Company: How long does it take to get started?

First Time 401(k) Plan: If this is your company's first 401(k) plan, we can have you up and running with automated contributions through your payroll in a couple of weeks. 

Transferring 401(k) Plans: There's a lot more paperwork involved, so this can take up to 90 days to fully complete the transfer of plans. 

Participants: What fees should they expect?

Carbon Collective Fees: Carbon Collective charges our standard management fee of 0.25% annually of total assets to all accounts. 

Ubiquity Fees: Ubiquity charges a flat fee of $5/month per account. This is more impactful to smaller accounts and less to large accounts. 

Funds Fees: All 401(k) plans use mutual funds and ETFs and these charge fees as well. You won't see these directly as they are the difference between the fund share price and the total value of the shares in the fund. 

Can I add a Carbon Collective portfolio to an existing plan?

No. At least, not yet. For now, to be able to offer your team a climate-focused portfolio, we'll need to onboard you to Ubiquity 401(k). They are the platform we use to manage our 401(k) portfolios. 

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